Strategy and research

We give our clients advice on new market expansion and implementation strategies

AREA helps you transform a corporate strategy into a real estate investment strategy by providing context and insights about the opportunities and risks in the different markets we know.

Research and due diligence studies provide the backbone of the decision-making process

We conduct in-depth due diligence studies, consult local partners and overlay this with insights from global market survey companies. This ensures that we provide objective and appropriate advice and implement projects effectively with the least potential risk.

Enjoy peace of mind by relying on our local knowledge and experience

Making a significant investment in Africa for the first time can be daunting. Where do you start? What do you need to know? Who can you trust? AREA has access to the relevant research material and in-depth knowledge about the African market. We will guide you, help you find the information you need, identify the relevant problems and provide solutions to these problems. We also know what does not work, which means we can advise you on what to avoid.

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