Public Sector advisory service

We provide a systematic approach to improving utilisation of state assets for public benefit

AREA applies a holistic approach to public sector requirements and supports viable key asset development of infrastructure and state services that target long term objectives for growth and sustainability. The aim is to help government and other parastatals to focus on the key drivers in the infrastructure and real estate sectors, in order to support and enhance private sector activity that will lead to improvements in trade, economic growth and job creation.

Leveraging existing assets and planning for future requirements

We analyse the environment of our clients to assess how their current portfolio of infrastructure and real estate assets serve the purposes of current and long term public sector targets. A complete assessment of existing assets in respect of the utilisation, maintenance, capital and facilities management as well as strategic growth planning is only the first step in the process. Through this we assist the public sector by identifying underutilised assets and gaps in infrastructure that are causing bottlenecks to growth or the efficient working of the private sector, and thereby help to plan for investment in growth enhancing development projects. We further work together with Government departments to provide skills in optimising asset management (acquisitions, and sales of non-strategic assets), development management, project management, debt arrangement and structured finance for these key development initiatives.

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