Fund and asset management

We have an efficient and cost effective approach to managing real estate and infrastructure

We achieve this by following a systematic approach when we operate, maintain, upgrade and dispose of assets. From an asset management point of view, we look at various ways to optimise our clients’ real estate investments, whether it is to enhance the rental income, manage downside risks efficiently, manage risks or reduce costs. From a fund management point of view, we provide detailed information to clients to help them optimise the investment, including reports on the timing of returns and distributions. We also manage real estate and infrastructure funds, which gives us valuable market context and insights.

Our asset management process is tailored for the real estate industry

We understand the complexities of buying or developing, maintaining and selling real estate, as well as the risks specific to the property industry. In practice, this means we know what to focus on to optimise the value of our clients’ capital investment in property.

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