Sub-Saharan Real Estate Development

Africa REI is focused on convenience retail (and opportunistic commercial projects) in and around major cities in Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia and Mozambique which have seen large scale commercial development over the past decade. A severe lack of development of additional road and other infrastructure over the same time has resulted in heavily congested metropolitan areas. This has resulted in a significant constraint for the local population (and disposable income) to efficiently access formal retail in the city centre malls.

Sub-Saharan Africa in general presents a chronic undersupply and low penetration of convenience retail, with few prime sites available. This situation is likely to be exacerbated over the short to medium term as anticipated growth in the local economies materializes, urbanisation continues and infrastructure development continues to lag.

The biggest drag on such growth is the availability of capital and for this reason more initiatives, such as our Current Projects, are needed to bridge the supply gap and meet retailers’ expansion strategies.

Designed for excellent access and visibility, our Projects’ concept “Food & Leisure” offering will attribute to their “Destination & Lifestyle Mall” status – attracting the local population in the evenings for dinner as well as over weekends.

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